I’m probably the furthest north of the Abstract Edge artists, being based in Church Stretton.

I enjoy working in acrylics and tend to like the time restrictions that media imposes on my process. I also probably prefer it as I come from a professional graphic design background and these paints lend themselves to the bold and solid forms that I make in my design work.

Being a musician, I find inspiration often comes from music. I’ll often be working on the production of a new track as a painting also begins to form. That said, the results then seem to evolve like a journey. I’m continually intrigued and entertained by ‘happy accidents’. While I may start out with a mental picture of what I want, my work rarely follows a predetermined idea. It instead grows with each new colour I bring into the equation. I then regard and perhaps respond to that gesture with another – or eventually stand back with a satisfied smile, knowing that it is finally complete. Recurring themes often include geometry and symmetry. I suppose that’s something to do with rhythm.